Mar 14, 2014

2 blogs to check out


So these are the first shout outs, only 2 so far but you guys see how Follow Mee blog works :)

Chloe's Column -"View my very own articles on current affairs, celebrity gossip, relationships, film reviews, products & much more". 

Chloe writes about things in a very entertaining manner. Her blog is like a nice online magazine - a little bit about everything that is going on! Read with your morning coffee :)

Evil Queen Beauty - honest beauty/skincare reviews and fashion/beauty inspiration with a gothy/punk vibe.

A beauty blogger that appreciates subcultures - that is something awesome :). Visit her for inspiration and tips.

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  1. Hello! My blog is I blog about the latest fashion trend news and very helpful fashion and beauty tips. I also give honest product reviews every. My blog is updated every week.


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