Nov 22, 2012

Shout outs :)

Hi Guys!
Thank you for your comments! I have changed the comment settings a bit. I have made it free for anyone to comment, and put on the moderation. I guess that will work better for this type of blog :).

Also, please feel free to comment everytime you want to appear in the shout outs ;). No matter how many times you have been there before ^^

Anyways, here are some blogs for everyone to visit :)
  1. I think i made a post before, but i always love meeting new bloggers! ^u^ i'm Sapphire from England, i blog about anime, fashion, food, art & everything inbetween. Leave me a comment i love to chat~


  2. I'm in love with fashion and I dream to be a fashion journalist one day. The fashion shadow is the place where I share a lot of things from fashion world and private life!

  3. My blog is called My Changing Room because it's a place where I chart my own changes - whether that is a 100-pound weight loss or my new polka dot jeans :-) It's also a changing room because the topics change too.

    I love finding new blogs, so if you follow me, I'll follow you back.


  4. Hi everyone! I'm a Polish girl who lives in Berlin :) My blog is abt cosmetics, clothes, living in Germany, relationship with an Asian boy, Thailand and food :) I write in Polish, but there is an option in my blog to translate text into many other languages :) If u are interested in it u are invited! ^^
  5. Hi My blog is about fashion and the feminine world. I created the blog to meet new people, and I'm very happy with each new friend I know. Lara Thank you for the invitation. I love your idea. Kisses from Brazil.

Hi there! My name is Tara, I am a young New Zealander who has a personal style blog called Fashion Burger. 

I like posting about my attempts to dress and cook better. Now that I have finished study for the year I have more time to spend on my blog, so expect some interesting posts and fun times!

Fashion Burger 


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  1. Checking all blogs from followmeemee is always great :) You've made a great platform Lara :D
    ( Hey this a appreciating comment for you , it's not a shout-out for now. Gonna do it after that :P)

  2. What fun new blogs. I'm off to explore them now. This is a great idea, buddy!


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