Oct 2, 2012


Hi guys!

I'm happy to have received a bunch of comment, and to demonstrate how I have thought to make this blog roll, I will post the 1st shout outs now:

If you want a shout out, just leave a comment after this. If there's something special going on in your blog (giveaway, a special post), don't forget to let people know! I won't be posting shout outs every day after this, but you can expect them at least a couple of times a week.

Here are some interesting blogs for starters ^^

  1. <3
    its all about me. my journey. supacool pics. sometimes word or two in English.

    love this idea Lara <3

  2. My blog is about nails, fashion and lifestyle. Mainly in finnish but there's also a small translation in english!

    ♡ http://saracupcakez.blogspot.fi/ ♡

  3. lady-and-the-tramp.blogspot.com/

  4. My blog is mainly personal, i'm based in the UK, i write about fashion, life and all sorts! I follow back too ^^

    ♥ Sapphire


  5. cool blog idea Lara!


  6. Cool Idea, as well as Sapphire from UK, my blog is mainly personal about the things I really interested in..., so I will follow this new blog of yours sis!! congrats!

  7. Hi there! My blog is about my lifelong effort to express my female side. I post outfit photos and nature pictures, and occasionally ask probing questions.


  8. http://yukichama.blogspot.com

    A blog mainly focused on Asian style make-up and fashion, but I also post updates on my daily life and soon to be born son~❤

  9. Hi!
    My blog is mainly about my everyday life in Morocco (where routine isn't exactly normal when you're used to living in europe). I also post about my travels to foreign countries and other random stuff.
    Looking forward to discovering new blogs from countries all around the world!

  10. Hey :) I'm Amy (or AmyBird XD)
    This is an awesome idea Lara! :D
    My blog is for my writings and any thing that comes between :D

    I think I'll find loads of awesome new blogs here ;)

    see you around
    Amy x

  11. Hi, I'm Perla from perlaxmakeup. This is such a great idea!
    My blog is about makeup, fashion, tv shows and lifestyle.



  12. Hello I'm Banny from www.missbanny.blogspot.com !
    I post my every day life, fashion, make up and a bunch of other stuff! I love Asian culture and kpop! I enjoy meeting new people!
    Visit meee!

    And then I could use some help from you guys too. If we want this bloggers-blog boom, we could use some extra advertising. So if you want to help out a huge time, you can advertise this blog in yours by this link : 
    http://followmeemee.blogspot.fi/ .
     If you want to help out a super huge time, you can even put the banner on your blog for a while. If you put up the banner and you have a blog banner too, let me know so I will upload your banner here.
     (If you like the banner lol, credit on my paintbrush skills XDXD)

    * Featured bloggers- feature will be out asap
    *I will be taking guest posts too
    *Don't forget to subscribe to stay tuned ^^


  1. Haha. I don't know if I've commented here already. I tried yesterday but my laptop kept freezing when I came onto this site. :(

    Where should I post my liiiink, Laraaaa? :3



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